Population July 2013: 5.5 million
GDP 2012: 66.5 Billion EUR
GDP per capita: 17,700 EUR
Online Taxation: 27% GGR


Games of chance in Slovakia are regulated by the Act No. 171/2005 Coll. on Gambling Games. Only one license holder is permitted to operate a national state lottery. Currently, this is the joint-stock company Tipos, owned by the Ministry of Finance. Tipos also has a monopoly on other types of gambling, such as casino and slot machine games and betting. It also has the monopoly right to offer gambling online.

Licences may be obtained for land-based casino’s and betting shops. Through a legal loophole, betting shops are also able to offer betting through online channels.


As far as we know, no lotteries exist in Slovakia that meet the criteria of a charity lottery. The license holder Tipos does, however, distribute part of the sales to good causes, through the Ministry of Finance and other Ministries, and is therefore mentioned below.



    Tipos was founded in 1992 and is a joint-stock company since 1994. The single shareholder is the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry supervises the operations of the lottery and collects the taxes. These taxes are distributed to different areas (see below). Tipos and the Ministry of Finance as the single shareholder can decide which part of the revenues will be donated to the beneficiaries. Tipos offers several number lotteries and instant lottery games, as well as casino and slot machine games, poker and betting. It also offers online games and betting, which form an important part of its annual sales (over 40%). In 2012 Tipos had 120 employees and about 2,400 sales outlets.

    Total sales in 2012 amounted to € 360 million (↑14%). Prize money was € 267 million (74%). The Ministry of Finance received – through the tax on gambling games – € 32 million (9% of total sales). For more information visit: www.tipos.sk/en/