Population July 2013: 21.8 million
GDP 2012: 122.5 Billion EUR
GDP per capita: 9,300 EUR
Online Taxation: 25% on player’s winnings


Not much information was found about the gaming market of Romania, due to the lack of English resources available. Gaming is regulated according to the State lottery Act of 1906 and an Emergency Ordinance of 2009. The latter regulates online gaming and betting. Licences have not been issued however, as the regulatory body who is to regulate the online market was only recently established. In April 2013 this body, the National Gambling Office, was set up.

According to Gambling Compliance, the Parliament rejected a proposal in 2006 to privatise the state monopoly lottery operator.


As far as we know, no lotteries exist in Romania that meet the criteria of a charity lottery. However, as the Romanian State Lottery does distribute part of the sales to charities, it is mentioned below.


    The Romanian state lottery was founded in 1906, with the implementation of the State Lottery Act. From the beginning the lottery has supported projects that help the underprivileged in Romanian society and has financed areas such as health care, sports, education, culture and social welfare. Since 1999, the state lottery operates under the name Loteria Romana. The products offered by Loteria Romana are lotto games, sports betting, instant lotteries and passive lotteries. The products are offered both offline and online. In 2013, Loteria Romana partnered with Novomatic, an Austrian gambling company, to supply VLT machines throughout the country. The lottery has over 2,500 employees.

    According to the legislation in force, Loteria Romana is obliged to use 60% of the net profit to finance social housing, sports rooms, as well the building of a sports arena and hall. In addition, 0.4% of the profit has to be used to promote written culture and 4% to finance the Cinematography Fund.

    Total income in 2009 was RON 734.5 million (€ 170 million). Recent data is not fully available, though the lottery reportedly had a turnover of around RON 1 billion (€ 220 million) in 2012 with a net profit of RON 36.7 million (€ 8 million). This was down from RON 1.16 billion (€ 260 million) turnover and a net profit of RON 81.6 million (€ 18 million) in 2011. The lottery reported to have distributed RON 118 million (€ 26 million) in prizes in the first ten months of 2013. For more information visit: www.loto.ro