Population July 2013: 38.4 million
GDP 2012: 354.3 Billion EUR
GDP per capita: 15,100 EUR
Online Taxation: 12% on turnover


The Ministry of Finance is the supervisory authority of the Polish gaming market. The Act of Law on Gambling Games of 2009 was amended in 2011 and forms the legislative framework. Only joint-stock or limited liability companies can run gaming operations. There is a state monopoly on numerical games, monetary lotteries, video lotteries and tele-bingo.

Promotional lotteries, audio-text lotteries and lotteries in which people participate by obtaining tickets and which results in “material objects winning”, so called “loterie fantowe”, can be organised by physical and legal persons and associations without legal entity. The total income from “loterie fantowe” has to be spent on social objectives, such as charities.

All lottery tickets include a charge of 25% of which 80% is destined for the Sports Development Fund (distributed by the responsible Minister) and the remaining 20% is for the Minister that is responsible for cultural matters and national heritage protection.

Online licences are available for mutual betting. The Ministry of Finance is currently working on new legislation. It sent a notice to the European Commission in 2013 regarding its intention to amend the law to allow more forms of online gambling.


As far as we know, no lotteries exist in Poland that meet the criteria of a charity lottery.



    Totalizator Sportowy was established in 1956 and has a market share of around 95%. In numerical games this share is even 100%. Totalizator Sportowy is owned by the state, operating under the Ministry of Finance, and through the company the government executes the state monopoly on numerical games and monetary lotteries in Poland, as well as on horse betting. The Funds receiving profits of the lottery through the Ministry are active in the fields of culture, sports, and health care.

    Total revenue of the company in 2012 was PLN 3,539.7 million (around € 850 million, ↑16% compared to 2011), of which PLN 3,421.8 million (€ 822 million) came from the sale of gambling products. Almost all revenues came from numerical games as lotto and keno, and as small part came from horse betting. PLN 1,829.3 million (€ 439 million) was transferred to the state (52%), of which PLN 660 million (€ 159 million, 19%) in taxes, PLN 604 million (€ 145 million) was destined for the Fund for the Development of Physical Culture, PLN 157 million (€ 38 million) for the Fund for the Promotion of Culture, and PLN 24 million (€ 6 million) for the Fund for Problem Gambling. For more information visit: www.lotto.pl