Population July 2013: 0.5 Million
GDP 2012: 41 Billion EUR
GDP per capita: 57,200 EUR
Taxation for Lotteries: none


As in almost every European state, there is a general prohibition on the exploitation of games of chance in Luxembourg, as stated in the Gaming Law of 1977. Only authorised games are an exception to the rule. There is only one lottery provider from Luxembourg, which organises the National Lottery; Loterie Nationale Luxembourg. The operation of other nationwide lotteries may only be authorised after the approval of L’Oeuvre Nationale, the operator of the national lottery. At the moment, three German state lottery operators are also allowed to offer their services on the gambling market in Luxembourg, including Lotto Rheinland- Pfalz and Saarland-Sporttoto.

All profits of the lotteries are destined for good causes. The German lotteries operating in Luxembourg pay a percentage of their profits, which corresponds to the percentage of players from Luxembourg. Lotteries are exempted from paying taxes.

The National Lottery has an unrestricted monopoly on games it wishes to offer online. However, the Lottery only offers instant games and the sale of its lottery tickets. Betting is also offered in Luxembourg, online as well as offline, in a joint venture with the National Lottery, and is subject to a 15% tax on turnover.


As far as we know, no lotteries exist in Luxembourg that meet the criteria of a charity lottery. The lotteries mentioned below do, however, distribute part of the sales to good causes.



    In 1945, L’Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, a charity that provides assistance to Luxembourg's war victims, started with the national lottery with the objective of helping the victims of the Second World War. Nowadays the profits of the lottery are distributed among several (public health) charities in Luxembourg. The National Relief Work of Grand Duchess Charlotte collects, manages and pays the net income from the National Lottery. The beneficiaries include the National Cultural Fund, the National Solidarity Fund, the Luxembourg Olympic and Sports Committee, the Luxembourg Red Cross, the Luxembourg League for Prevention and Action medico-social, and the Caritas Foundation of Luxembourg.

    The products that are offered by the Loterie Nationale are draw games (such as Lotto, Zubito and EuroMillions) and 14 different scratch card games. Since 2001, the lottery also offers games online.

    Unfortunately no recent data is available, but about € 220 million has been donated to charity since its inception. In 2007 turnover from the lottery was € 101 million. Almost half of turnover was paid out as prize money, € 50 million, and about a quarter is usually destined for the abovementioned beneficiaries. For more information visit: www.loterie.lu.


    This German operator was established 1948. It offers the German lotto in Luxembourg since 1983. Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz supports different sports events (such as the Olympic games in Munich 1972 and the World Cups of football in 1974 and 2006), cultural and social projects. The gross gaming revenues from 1948 to 2005 were € 11 billion. Prize money that has been awarded from 1948 to 2005 is € 5.2 billion and the funds that have been distributed to charities from 1948 to 2005 amount to € 4.1 billion. Unfortunately, more recent data or specific data on the activities in Luxembourg was not found. For more information go to: www.lotto-rlp.d


    Saartoto was established in 1951 in Germany and offers different German lotto and toto games in Luxembourg since 1984. In 2009, € 23 million went to sports, culture, social and environmental projects in Saarland and another € 19.5 million (gaming tax) went to the Saarland treasury. The past ten years a total of € 500 million has been donated to good causes in Saarland. Unfortunately, more specific data on the activities in Luxembourg was not found. For more information go to: www.saartoto.de