Population July 2013: 1.3 million
GDP 2012: 16.2 Billion EUR
GDP per capita: 15,900 EUR
Taxation for Lotteries: 10% or 18% of sales
Online Taxation:
regulated, taxation: 5% on net revenues


The Law on Gambling and the Law on Lottery outline the legal framework for games of chance in Estonia. The state has the right to organise games of chance. It delegates this right by issuing a license to a state-owned enterprise or non-profit association. There have been rumours about privatizing the state lottery.

Lotteries may only be organised for charitable purposes in Estonia. The entire gambling tax is donated to good causes, which is 18% of sales for classical and instant lotteries and 10% for number lotteries. The prize pay-out ratio must be 50%.

A new law regulating online gambling came into force in its entirety in 2011 by which point the Estonian market opened to all international gaming operators who fulfill the requirements established by the local gaming authority. Previously, Estonians could play online with domestic-based operators.

Advertising of games of chance is prohibited. To organise a small lottery that awards less than EEK 250,000 (around € 16,000) as prize money, the organiser does not necessarily have to be Estonian.


Even though lotteries may only be organised for charitable purposes, as far as we know the lotteries in Estonia do not meet the criteria of a charity lottery. Since the gambling tax is destined for good causes, AS Eesti Loto is mentioned below.



    The Estonian state lottery was established in 1991. It had a market share of 90%, but the operating licences of other lottery organizers ended in the middle of 2010, after which Eesti Loto became fully monopolistic.

    Eesti Loto offers lotto, keno, bingo, and scratch cards and started to offer online games in 2010 as well. Turnover in 2009 was EEK 522 million (€ 33 million, ↑20%) of which 47% was paid out as prize money (EEK 249.5 million; € 16 million). The profits are distributed as follows: 32% science and education, 22% Olympic Committee, 10% other sports projects, 32% welfare projects, 4% cultural projects. For more information, visit: www.eestiloto.ee