Population 2019: 10,2 million
GDP 2019: 474 Billion EUR
GDP per capita 2019: 43.900
Taxation for lotteries Exempted from gambling tax
Charity lotteries allowed: Yes, under strict conditions



In 2019 the Swedish gambling market re-regulated. The goal and purpose of this regulation were to turn a partly outdated national monopoly into a partly oligopolistic section and a competitive market that is partially free. It created standard and sustainable gambling rules and established a licensing system for the online companies to join, tax revenues were to be secured. The public interest associations' somewhat fragile gambling domains – mainly charity lotteries – and revenues would be protected. Furthermore, the state would combat problem gambling and counteract cheating at gambling. High level of consumer protection and good security were crucial elements.

The online gambling companies, not regulated in Sweden, had operated on the Swedish market for about twenty years. The objective of the re-regulation was a "channelling" of 90 per cent.

The gambling market contained three parts for the different actors: competitive online gambling companies, state-owned monopoly and charity and state-owned lotteries.