Population 2019: 46.9 million
GDP 2019: 1.244 billion EUR
GDP per capita 2019: 25,170 EUR
Taxation for Lotteries: None. Players must pay income tax on net winnings at a rate of 10% or 20% on lottery and betting winnings over €2,500.-
Charity lotteries allowed: No




While lotteries in Spain have been around since 1763 and have always been extremely popular, the laws that regulated games of chance in general were extremely outdated. As such, these laws were re-regulated in 2011, changing the Spanish gambling landscape changed completely with the introduction of the Spanish Gambling Act. In short, this law had three goals: first, it was to harmonize and regulate online gambling in Spain and in its autonomous communities. Its second goal was to also regulate the provision of games by the incumbent lottery operators LAE and ONCE, regardless of the channels through which these two operators organized their games. Lastly, advertising too was included in the scope of the Spanish Gambling Act.