Population 2019: 5,8 million
GDP 2019: 310 billion EUR
GDP per capita 2019: 49,190 EUR
Taxation for Lotteries: 21 per cent tax on GGR (increasing to 28 per cent in 2021)
Charity lotteries allowed: No

Traditionally, Denmark has always been a very closed system with regards to games of chance. This closed system changed in 2012 in an attempt to better combat illegal gambling providers. In 2012, the Act on Gambling came into effect, which meant that two notable things changed with regards to legislation and enforcement: 1) the responsibilities of the Danish Gambling Authority expanded and 2) the system became much more open with regards to online gambling providers.

First, the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), Spillemyndigheden, received an additional task. Before 2012, the offline aspects of gambling was their primary task; controlling casino's, gaming machines in gambling arcades and issuing licenses to the holdings of charity lotteries and bingos. Since the introduction of the Act on Gambling in 2012, organisations in Denmark that provide games of chance legally need to apply for a license at the DGA. The DGA became an independent authority in 2013.

Another notable thing that changed in 2012 is that Denmark now employs somewhat of a split legislatorial system with regards to its gambling policies. With the introduction of the Act on Gambling in 2012, sports betting, poker and casino licenses became available to both commercial operators and the state lottery. In contrast with other games of chance like horserace betting; bingo and lottery games which still operate under a monopolised system. These two types of games are operated (almost) exclusively by the state lottery: Danske Lotteri Spil.

Other types of lotteries are prohibited unless it follows a very narrow set of criteria.

  1. However, there is permission for only one fixed charity lottery
  2. Which follows strict criteria; at least 35 percent of the sales go to charitable causes
  3. And the total sales amount for the lottery may not exceed 250,000 DKK (±33,500 EUR)

Because of these strict criteria, no recurrent charity lottery exist in Denmark.