The Association of Charity Lotteries in Europe (ACLEU)

The association is an alliance between the charity lotteries in Europe, whose main objective is to raise money for charity.

The association's objective is to represent and promote the interests of its members with respect to all subject matters relating to games of chance in general, and the raising of money for charity in particular.

The association intends to achieve its objective by:

  • Promoting the interests of its members by defending common positions;

  • Promoting the interests of its members with the European Union institutions and with all government and inter-government institutions established in Europe;

  • Providing a forum for the exchange of experiences, good practices and information.

The Association has 1 category of Members:

Members: all legal persons, private organisations, located within Europe, provided:

- that their main aim consists of raising funds for private law organisations through lotteries;

- that a substantial part of their proceeds is earmarked for non-governmental organisations or non-profit institutions;

- that they have obtained a license or authorisation from a jurisdiction located in Europe, which conforms to applicable laws, licenses or authorisations for the organisation of lotteries and games of chance as defined above.

Any requests for being admitted to the association imply acceptance of the articles of association, procedures and decisions made by the administration bodies, that is the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. The Applicant will send the request in writing to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is free to decide whether or not to submit the application to the Executive Body. The Executive Body decides on the admission of an Applicant, who has presented itself as such. Such a decision is final; it cannot be appealed and does not require any justification from the Executive Body. Each Member is obliged to pay to the Association the membership contribution.

Request for membership can be send to:

Jonne Arnoldussen
Executive Director ACLEU
p/a Nationale Postcode Loterij
Postbus 75025
1070 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Board & secretariat

Board of directors
Mrs Eva Struving (president)

Mrs Marie Wilén

Mr Malcolm Fleming

Jonne Arnoldussen
(executive director)

Laura Santacreu
(deputy executive director)

Sébastien Garnier

Joost Mulder