Over 10 billion euro could be raised every year to support the irreplaceable work done by NGOs, if all European countries allowed national charity lotteries


The Association of Charity Lotteries in Europe (ACLEU) is an international non-profit organisation, established in 2007 to promote the charity lottery model and to give a voice to charity lotteries and their beneficiaries in the European debate on games of chance and in all matters relating to fundraising through charity lotteries.


The members of the Association of Charity Lotteries in Europe believe that NGOs in every European country should be enabled to use national charity lotteries as a fundraising tool.

What we do

ACLEU intends to achieve its objectives through:

  • promoting members' interests by developing and communicating common positions;
  • promoting members' interests to EU institutions and all governmental and intergovernmental institutions in Europe;
  • providing a forum for the exchange of best practices and information.

Where can we find
charity lotteries?

As you can see on the map, today charity lotteries exist only in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany (marked in green). If we could color the entire map green, we could raise more than 10 billion Euros each year for civil society!